Too Many Threats and Too Few Cyber Security Professionals




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Among the most damaging forms of cybercrime, economic costs of ransomware attacks grew from around $325 million in the year 2015 to exceed $5 billion in 2017. That represents a whopping 15-time increase in the space of just 2 years. This year has been no different with the breaching of 340 million records of the data aggregation firm Exactis along with the compromising of the MyFitnessPal smartphone app in February.


The overall cost of damages due to cyber-attacks is expected to touch $6 trillion (or £4.5 trillion ) by the year 2021.


With the growing numbers of Internet users and connected devices, cyber-attacks and online threats are expected to cause more business and data losses.


The Industry Shortage of Cyber-Security Professionals

With the gradual growth of corporate investments into cybersecurity products and services, there is also a growing industry demand for trained certified cybersecurity who can provide effective cyber-security measures for business and corporate data.

According to industry estimates, the global demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow to over 6 million by the year 2019. A great news for job-seekers, right?


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  1. Great blog. Was reading Gartner’s paper on the supply and demand gap in Cyberspace. It looks like that there is at least 30% less Cyber security expert in the industry in next 3 years.

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