5 Key Reasons Why Banks Must Adopt Automated Mobile App Security Testing

In this article, we take a look at how automated mobile app security testing help keep banks secure and also help them perform faster security testing cycles, which in turn enables faster time to market.


Banks have evolved over time to become more than what we use to consider just a safe house for all our money. With innovation and the power of technology, we now have options to do more and at a much faster pace. We’re seeing multiple disruptive technologies that are taking the world of business and most importantly banks by storm. One such technology is the introduction of mobile.


Almost every bank now has an application and encourage their users to adopt mobile banking. Yes, it’s easy, it’s convenient but it has also become more of a necessity due to the turn that the business world has taken.


As more and more users adopt mobile technology, more data such as personal information and financial credentials of users are acquired by the banks in order to make transacting simpler. This huge collection of data, wherever it’s stored, becomes a hot favorite hunting ground for cybercriminals. I’m aware that this is quite a blanket statement that a lot of cybersecurity businesses use but that is the reality of danger that all banks and mobile banking users face.


#1. Security threats, especially for financial institutions, are never constant

#2. Security right from the Get-Go

#3. Ensure you are compliant with industry security compliances

#4. No need for change in security strategy

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